Hello world! Welcome to my blog

Hi! My name is Luis and I make stuff when I am not working my full-time office job. I will use this site to document some of the projects I have done and share things I have learned along my path, that might be interesting for you.

Hello world! Welcome to my blog

Hi! As you might have guessed by the site name, my name is Luis and I make stuff when I am not working my full-time office job.

I am a Mechanical and Automotive Engineering graduate, but I have always loved making things at home: sometimes just drawings, paintings, or small sculptures. And sometimes I do more technical stuff, like python scripts, small electronic projects, 3D printed objects... you get the idea. I make stuff.

People who have known me at different moments of my life might remember me for different aspects. For instance:

  • In school, I used to be the guy doing hand sketches and drawings
  • During my first years of university, I was the guy obsessed with 3D CAD modeling
  • While completing my master's studies, I was the guy who wanted to learn everything about FEM stress analysis - and actually wrote my thesis almost 80% around that.

But now, 2 years after graduating, I realize that what I really enjoy is learning new stuff and applying it to real problems. If you asked my friends from university almost none of them would think I'd be interested in data analysis, electronics, sensors, IoT, and all that kinds of things. But here I am :) It's a random mix, for now.

I plan to use this site to share things that I have learned and little projects that I do in my spare time. Hopefully decently documented so you might find something useful or at least interesting. I might also share more engineering-related content about things I've done in the past. There is a double-fold benefit for me: I also plan to use this to organize myself better and have a more structured way to actually complete the projects I start.

Now, from all the things I will post, about 80% are self-learned, and I am in absolutely no way an expert on any of the topics I will discuss here, but at least I will do my best to point you guys out to useful resources I used for learning myself.

I have been meaning to publish this for some time now, and I have finally done it (during a week of COVID-19 home isolation).

Wish me luck! and I hope you have a great day!